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The bubl is the world’s most innovative 360º camera, inside and out. Using leading-edge innovation and spherical camera technology, the bubl allows you to completely document your world like never before though panoramic photos and videos. The unprecedented tetrahedral design features four 190º lenses which overlap to capture everything inside your bubble. It’s even small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

Tech Specs


The bubl records at 30 fps at 720p or 15 fps at 1080p and exports in MP4 format. It records a multiplexed 4-image quad video that can be dynamically blended (our stitching process) or converted into an equirectangular (panoramic) video.


Photos are captured at full resolution (3840 X 3840) as a 14 megapixel multiplexed photo and exported as a JPEG. This can be blended dynamically or converted into an equirectangular (panoramic) image.


The bubl utilizes four 190º, 1.6 megapixel lenses. The OmniVision sensor captures 5 megapixels and performs well under low lighting conditions. The sensor will also allow you to set gamma, contrast, gain, brightness and saturation.


Store up to 32GB of media directly to the MicroSD card. The bubl currently records 1mb per second. You can also record via USB 2.0 connection or record your live stream using VLC.


The internal Wi-Fi unit allows you to live stream your video to a PC or mobile phone. You can use the bublApp, VLC or QuickTime to view your multiplex stream.


The bubl records audio in MP3 format and it is encoded directly into the exported MP4 video.

Size and Weight 40mm radius 280g
Video Resolution 720p / 30fps 1080p / 15fps
Video Format MP4 H.264
Photo Format JPG 3840p x 3840p
Sensor 5 Mpixel 2592p x 1944p
Screen Resolution 1440p x 1440p  
Lens 4 x 190º FOV 1.2mm
Storage MicroSD 4GB - 32GB
Output USB 2.0 Wi-fi 802.11n
Chip 432 Mhz  
Memory 512 Mb DDR2 64 Mb flash
Battery 1000mAh 3.7V LiPo
Audio Omni PUI mic -45dB ±3
Accelerometer Tri-axial +/-1.5G 120 Hz
Software - Playback Mac OSX, Windows 7, Windows 8, iOS, Android

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Powerful Software

The true innovation of the bubl is its software that allows for a single, 4 quadrant multiplexed image to be stitched into a sphere. We utilize a unique, heat-mapped blending process in order to merge the final photos and videos. These are what we like to call digital bubls. Bubls can also be separated from the multiplex into individual photos or videos and stitched into standard equirectangular (panoramic) format. This allows for spherical development and playback from other applications like Video-Stitch and Kolor products.

Unrivaled Players

Our bubl players provide an in-video experience unlike any other. They have been uniquely developed to allow viewers to look up, down and all around them, creating their own individual experiences within the footage. It also provides users with imaging controls in order to easily adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and zoom. Currently developed for desktop, desktop browser, iOS and Android devices (beta), our development schedule also includes WebGL which will be released in the very near future.

Upload and Share Through the Cloud

We’re planning on connecting our bubl player software to all of your favorite cloud storage services. Upload your photos and videos to DropBox, Google Drive and Younity and share them directly from inside the bubl apps.

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