The Core Team

Sean Ramsay

Founder / CEO

Sean's 20 year career in all things digital has allowed him to understand the roles and requirements needed to make bubl a reality. He has often been the translator of visions into digital products for a number of agencies. His previous roles as Co-founder and Principal of Socimedia and SwitchStance | S2 allowed him to delve deeply into areas of award winning digital media creation, design, technology, video production and marketing launch strategy for brand. Following their exits, Sean has become a well versed expert in the area of spherical photo and video technology. Through bubl, he has finally delivered some of the most innovative 360º cameras and software offerings the world has ever seen.

If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough.

Mark McQuillan

CTO, Software

Mark has been in the software and entertainment business for over 13 years. In the process, he founded and grew Jam3 Inc. into an internationally-recognized and much-awarded 25-person studio that has parlayed its knack for inventive storytelling and deft ways with leading-edge technology into a player on the world stage. Our technical talent, understanding of UX and digital strategies are utilized to deliver ground breaking software for bubl. Mark and Jam3 aim to provide consumers with innovative 360º technology that creates new captivating experiences.

Dan Mills

CTO, Hardware

Dan has over 20 years of experience in camera and imaging systems. Dan has used this skill set to build DCM Technical Services Inc. into one of the foremost photogrammetry and image analysis consultancies in North America. Prior to his role as president of DCM, Dan worked for Transport Canada as a Senior Collision Investigator as well as Ryerson University as a researcher. Dan brings deep imaging experience and lens knowledge to bubl. His passion and drive to create and provide high quality imaging aids bubl in its goal at developing a class leading camera.

Greg Ponesse


Greg brings to bubl, 18 years of extensive general management, sales, marketing and operations experience in a diverse set of businesses and markets. Greg also brings a strategic view to high growth markets and building revenue streams in technology based organizations. His previous roles include Senior Director-Strategy, ENBALA Power Networks, Vice President of Sales, ZeroFootprint; and Director of Sales and Business Development, Jatheon Technologies. Greg holds an MBA from Queens University and utilizes his learning to develop strategic infrastructure for bubl's worldwide corporate growth.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

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